Michel Aroldi

Michel ArroldiMichel AROLDI was born in Libourne in 1959. He was raised near Sauveterre de Guyenne.
With the heritage of a large and long farmers tradition, he was able to compel his style thanks to his unbeatable pragmatism.
In 1993, he discovered a great ‘terroir’ in the Fronsac area, which brought him back to his native ground. That’s when he decided to buy Château Plain-Point.
He managed quickly to master this exceptional soil and proved to be a wine maker with an extraordinary talent.
Thanks to his respect for the ecological system, his scrupulous and constant treatment of the vines as well as the winery, in perfectly balanced natural and biological conditions, he offered to Plain-Point the ultimate refined expression of its ‘terroir’.
Attracted by the winds of the Atlantic, and searching for a further step concerning top quality wine, it was at Pauillac, more especially at Château Dompierre, that Michel AROLDI claimed to stay, in order to continue this beautiful never-ending-story.
Michel AROLDI loves to mention that the ‘terroir’ is the nicest alchemy between the earth, heaven and men. The banks of the Gironde and its gravel grounds, where without any doubt, the choice to be made.
The ‘terroir’ of Pauillac offers to Michel AROLDI, the opportunity to play on the pitch of the masters.
As the president of Vinopluriel, Michel AROLDI is surrounded by the most famous winemakers of France, having only one goal: ‘intensify the identity values of French wine’.

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