Château Dompierre is located in Saint-Laurent Médoc, in Gironde, specifically in the Pauillac region. The castle is a former property of the Lord of Dompierre, a Knight of the Order of the Holy Spirit.

Dompierre aspires to new glorious moments since the arrival of Michel Aroldi, a winemaker whose long career has reached its peak in these surroundings.

At Dompierre, Michel Aroldi, heir to a long peasant tradition, imposes his nonconformist style with ambition and the greatest pragmatism.

Dompierre is recognized for the distinctive style of its wines, crafted through the creation of a new winemaking model that diverges from the principles of the Bordeaux oenology school. Michel Aroldi’s wines stand the test of time.

Dompierre is the name of the Lord of the estate in the 15th century. The Lord of Dompierre was a Knight of the Order of the Holy Spirit under Henri III.

An order of 100 families united under the royal crown. The family color was blue (a color featured on each of our labels or capsules).

The Cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit is represented on the label of La Croix Dompierre. On the label of Dompierre, the family coat of arms is featured.

This unique know-how, praised by the foremost professionals in the world of wine, has earned Michel Aroldi the following distinctions over the years:

April 20, 2015

  • Le Fouquet’s (Paris) invites its best clients and the top clients of Dompierre for the official presentation of the first vintage of Dompierre – Pauillac 2013.

April 9, 2017

  • Dompierre 2014 is served at the official lunch by the President of the Republic during the reception of Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. Dompierre will then be officially served on numerous occasions by President François Hollande and later by President Emmanuel Macron.

October 2019

  • Dompierre appears on the cover of the magazine “La Revue Des Vins de France.”


  • Dompierre appears in the book “101 Vins Cultes” written by Sébastien Durand-Viel and David Cobbold.

April 24, 2023

  • Personal thanks received by mail from the President of the Republic and Mrs. Brigitte Macron.

December 2023

  • Quentin Loisel, sommelier at the Michelin-starred restaurant “Le Jules Verne” at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, names Dompierre as his favorite in “Le Chef Magazine.”

The most beautiful transhumance.

Michel Aroldi was born in Libourne in 1959. It is near Sauveterre de Guyenne, in the Entre-Deux-Mers region south of Bordeaux, where he gained his experience.

As the heir to a long peasant tradition, he imposes his nonconformist style with ambition and the greatest pragmatism.

In 1993, the quest for a great terroir brings him back to his native land, and it is in Fronsac that he chooses to acquire Château Plain-Point.

This terroir with powerful tannins allows Michel Aroldi to establish himself as a winemaker of great talent.

Thanks to the respect for the ecosystem, meticulous and constant care both in the vineyard and the cellar, and under the conditions of a natural biological balance, he has offered Plain-Point the refined and accomplished expression of its terroir.

Long drawn to the sea breeze and constantly seeking evolution in terms of wine, Michel Aroldi realized the dream of his life in 2013. The banks of the Gironde estuary, with its gravelly slopes, clearly constituted the choice that was needed.

After the sale of Plain-Point, he set his sights on Pauillac, giving birth to Château Dompierre. The Pauillac terroir now offers Michel Aroldi the opportunity to play in the big leagues. Also the president of Vinoplurielle, Michel Aroldi gathers the greatest winemakers of France around a grand idea: ‘Reinforce the identity values of French wine.