This recognition acquired over time is not by chance. Throughout his life, Michel Aroldi has continuously sought knowledge, while cultivating his uniqueness in the pursuit of excellence.

His encounter with Didier Dagueneau in the late ’80s would be decisive. The two men became accomplices and close friends. This meeting had a decisive impact on the philosophical evolution of the wines produced by Michel Aroldi.


Throughout his life, Michel Aroldi learned a great deal from prominent Burgundian winemakers, such as Henri Jayer, whom he met several times thanks to Didier Dagueneau.

Michel Aroldi had already developed the technique of vinification with submerged marc for years. The encounter with this great Burgundian allowed him to go even further.

Since this technique allowed the extraction of such delicate tannins, there was no need for aeration to further refine them with oxygen.

It was then that aging the wines through the principle of reduction, i.e., shielded from oxygen while maintaining carbon dioxide from fermentation as a natural protector, became imperative.



The aging in wooden vats contributes, through the thickness of the staves (5cm), to the proper preservation of carbon dioxide throughout the entire aging process. Aging can last up to 36 months.

We then better understand the label often attributed to Michel Aroldi’s wines as being the most Burgundian wines in the Bordeaux vineyard.

It should be noted that wines protected from oxygen and various manipulations resist the effects of time better. Therefore, we can assert that Dompierre wines will have a beautiful and slow evolution, offering excellent aging potential.

The first and last quality of a wine remains the pleasure it provides. Michel Aroldi